Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Day 17 and a stumble =/

5:30 am 6.5 hours sleep. Business meeting for breakfast so up early. I think the scales are broken !! Silly thing recons I have put on 500g!!

  • 1 teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water
  • Big glass of water
  • Parex - anti  parasite herbal combination
  • Milk Thistle - Liver Tonic
  • Krill - Joint and anti inflammatory
  • Revenol - Antioxidant supplement
  • Oracle - multi vitamin
  • Feroxin - mineral supplement

7:00 am Business breakfast  - Presented with scrambled eggs on ham, topped with asparagus on a toasted bun. Ditched the bun and ate the rest. Not quite enough but it will do. They did give a nice espresso thou :) 

10:30 am Maximol Solution for energy.

11:15 am Early lunch Steak and salad. Have training at 12 so need some fuel

12:00 pm Karate training. 1.5 hours and a good workout.

2:00 pm Small coffee and a chicken leg

6:00 pm Nibbles at work 2 chicken legs, 2 boiled eggs and a handful of nuts


  • Parex - anti  parasite herbal combination
  • Cascading Revenol - advanced antioxidant supplement
  • Feroxin - mineral supplement
  • Krill - Joint and anti inflammatory
  • Parex - anti  parasite herbal combination

Water - 5 liters plus. 

State of mind - Day didn't start well. Scales say I put on 500g!! I must be building muscle mass and loosing fat! Muscle mass is heavier than fat. Ummm didn't count on that. Rethink required. This is an important week for loosing a good part of the 4.8k's left. I would like to get rid of more than half of that to leave an easier run home on the last week. I can always go back to eggs and salad/veges if needed. 

Business breakfast was ok but what I could eat was small compared to the omelet I have been having. Training was a good work out with combo's, conditioning and kata. Felt like I could go another 2 hours when we finished. Definitely have major energy to burn. 

Tired after the early morning start so....

Off to bed 

C ya's :)


  1. Hai i occasinaly saw your blog..... iam frm india, kerala , trivandraum.... a common malayali..... GOD BLESS YOU.... KEEP IN TOUCH...... i write in malayalam, i know that you cant understand, but give your messages in my blog comments....... BECAUSE LANGUAGE IS NOT A BARRIER FOR TRUE LOVE..........

  2. Hi jayaramurukkumpuzha, good to read your comments. God bless you also and keep reading and posting comments.