Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 2

6:30am slept well for 8.5 hours :) Up 4 times to flush those 5 liters of water.

  • 1 teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. This has a very strong and sour taste so get it down quick. Helps alkaline the body and aids digestion.
  • Big glass of water with fresh lemon juice, had about 750 ml 
  • Bit hazy in the head, mild hunger and heal 4/10

  • Breakfast!! Made a mushroom, onion, tomato omelet with coriander and paprika .  

  • Parex - anti  parasite herbal combination
  • Milk Thistle - Liver Tonic
  • Krill - Joint and anti inflammatory
  • Revenol - Antioxidant supplement
  • Oracle - multi vitamin
  • Feroxin - mineral supplement

9:00 am Swimming - got 12 laps of 50 meter pool. Legs sore from yesterday and feel weak.

10:30 am   Snack time
  • 1 x apple
  • 1 x banana

12:30 pm  Lunch - repeat of yesterday

           Made a boiled egg salad which contained lettuce, carrots, capsicum, onion, tomatoes, celery, baked pumpkin and some pumpkin seeds, and almonds with lime dressing.

5:30 pm Snack - Boiled egg and tomato.

6:30 - 9:30 Karate - instead of training took a class teaching new instructors.

10:00 Late Dinner - Veges Stir Fry with organic soy sauce - nice 

  • Parex - anti  parasite herbal combination
  • Cascading Revenol - advanced antioxidant supplement
  • Feroxin - mineral supplement
  • Parex - anti  parasite herbal combination
  • Milk Thistle - Liver Tonic

Water - I have drunk over 5 liters of water again today. Must be flushing all those nasty toxins away so I will feel better. I did loose weight but will wait for the end of the week to blog how much.

State of mind - Bit slow and sore today. The swim was a chore and I had to push it to do what I did. Also a bit hazy in the head. Food is OK and filling me up. No mad cravings yet but they will come =/ On my own now so I have to be strong.

Actually walked through the food court at Garden City and resisted all the temptations. 

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