Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day 29 The FINAL WEIGH IN !!!!

So today is the final weigh in day for the Challenge.

Starting weight was 101.4 k's The second heaviest I have been in my life (got to 104 about 7/8 years ago). I was Mr Fat Man at the start of February after a long winter and generous Xmas and January. It wasn't that I ate particularly bad but the glass of wine with dinner became the bottle of wine (I have issues with corks). And then there were the summer beers, with the Xmas Cheer, New Years and 3 birthdays in January all added up to Fat Man.

I didn't like what I saw in the mirror and I was having trouble with my clothes. Could get into some and others  were decidedly uncomfortable.

Presenting Mr Fat Man......

So this morning when I jumped on the scales I weighed.......

93.1 k's that's a loss of 8.3 k's. 1.7 short of the 10 but hey I am happy with that. 2.5 k's per week is a lot to loose on a regular basis. Quick weight loss usually results in quick weight gain.

And the Mr fat Man clothes going to the rag bag.......

Still have some more work to do in the coming months.

Whats to come.........

More weight loss and "rearranging" to happen. The training will change from total aerobic style for the weight loss to a mixture of heavier weight training and aerobic. So I will endeavor to increase the lean muscle mass while continuing to lower my percentage of body fat. That should improve the overall shape of things while keeping/adding strength. 

I would like to get that midriff to melt away some more as the tummy is proving to be a stubborn child. More dietary control should help there but it will take a while longer.

What did I learn........

You have to have a plan. You have to be prepared for each day. And you have to stick to the plan. Having help at home and understanding family is a godsend. Part of the plan must include exercise every day. You don't have to do what I do but more what you can do. But you must be consistent and do something every day. 

The detox is a must as it gives you a flying start buy cleaning out all those toxins at the start. Sure the first 3 day on veges/salad/eggs was tough but it made the rest seem simple.

You need some quality minerals, vitamins and supplements. As far back as 2005 scientist were advising us that there is not enough in the food we are presented with and advised that all adults and children should supplement their intake. And don't for one second believe that the ones you buy in the super markets are of the quality you want. Email me if you need help with these 

Make sure you have a decent set of scales if you are going to weigh yourself at home. Thought ours were accurate until one day half way through I got 3 different readings from three consecutive tries. Too late then to change for another set. Most Chemists will have a far more accurate set of scales in their pharmacy.

Don't weigh yourself every day. It can be a addiction especially when you are trying to loose in a specific time as you want to check you progress. But it doesn't work out well and can do your head in. In 3 consecutive days I lost a kilo, put on 3 kilos!! and then lost 3 kilos!!! And I know I did not do anything different over those 3 days. 

Doing this blog was a good thing as it kept me on track and kept me honest. I knew people were reading this and more than the 8 who subscribed. Also made me keep a diary and then report on the days activities.

Whats next.......

More of the same. I will continue with the paleo eating as I quite like it. I am over the sugar addiction and don't miss the milk/cream at all. My partner also likes it so that makes it a done deal. 

8.5 k run/walk this morning and a Results PT session this afternoon with swimming tomorrow. 

I will do a blog on a weekly basis from now on. Will include more of the exercise program and the results from that. We did take measurements but lost the starting ones :( Also will post interesting/relevant articles that can be used by all and are informative.

Check regularly for more interesting stuff and please post comments. I would like to see more interaction. Have done some research in Nutrition and Sports nutrition so if you have questions please ask, If I don't know the boss will :)

Have a great week, stay strong and stick to the plan.

See ya's 


  1. Well done, Phil! It's both brave and inspiring. Thanks for sharing. - Joy

  2. Thanks Joy! If you "want to do it, really want to" then it's doable :)