Sunday, 22 January 2012


Starting February 1st we will begin our detox. I will be detailing exactly how we will be doing our detox including when and what supplements we take to assist the detox process.

There will be a daily blog which will include:

  • Nutrition - a detailed description of everything that is consumed and drank including pictures and recipes and cooking hints and tips.
  • Exercise - my daily exercise regime in detail including work and rest periods. Tips and hints from a qualified personal trainer from Results Personal Training.
  • State of mind - most importantly how I feel. If I am hurting, hungry, tired, grumpy and more. If you feel down then it would be good to know how someone else is feeling.

We plan to make this as comprehensive as possible. There will be articles from qualified personal trainers and nutritionists, advice on what to eat and where to find different information.

Stay tuned......

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