Saturday, 28 January 2012


Throughout my life I have always been reasonably fit and healthy. I have an active lifestyle and work is also active. I practice a martial arts called karate and am the current Australian Champion (kumite) for my age group in our style. Also have competed in NAS competitions and won Queensland titles. 

Since last June/July my weight has steady increased and now after the festive season I find I am at least 10kg over my ideal weight. My clothes are tight, work pants getting close to splitting and some clothes I can't wear. While I feel OK health wise I am uncomfortable and feel fat and bloated plus I don't like that guy I see in the mirror. There are way too many men and women around my age who are crippled with health problems and I don't want to become one of them.

In 2013 our style of Karate will have a world Cup here in Australia. I would like to compete and be competitive. I want to get down to my ideal weight and feel fit and healthy, stay active and enjoy my life for many many years to come.

OK so the pluses are

  • I have a PLAN !
  • The best personal trainer in the business
  • Good detox program
  • Great nutrition
  • The best supplements
And the minuses 
  • Me
  • I have a bursitis on my right heal. Can become very painful after exercise. Does stop me from running.


Monday - PT session
Tuesday - Walk or swimming
Wednesday - Karate
Thursday - PT session
Friday - Walk or swim
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Karate

Everyday stretching 

PT sessions will be core based low impact. 
Walking will be early mornings work permitting.
Swimming will be laps starting 500 meters and working up
Karate session are normally 2 hours and high intensity. 


The Detox will start Monday morning. Cleansing with organic vegetables and eggs for 3 days. Then 2 weeks of organic meat and fresh vegetables and fruit. Followed by 2 weeks of Organic Fresh Seasonal Produce and organic meat. Basically sticking to the paleo lifestyle. 

So I plan to complete a blog every day listing everything I do regarding exercise, nutrition, supplements and mindset. You don't need to have a personal trainer as you can follow along what I do or substitute your own exercise program. The important thing is to do something.